Arts and Wellbeing Forum

We know that arts and creativity are among our most powerful assets, playing essential roles in our health and wellbeing.

Join us for this online forum as we discuss the positive effects of arts and creativity for mental health and wellbeing, and the potential for the arts to help address a major policy challenge.

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Creativity at Work: Interdisciplinary learning in industry and community settings

Creative practitioners are increasingly working and applying creative skills in non-creative sectors. Creativity is also key to the kinds of interdisciplinary approaches that will be required for future work environments.

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In Real Life: Mapping digital cultural engagement in the first decades of the 21st century

In Real Life: Mapping digital cultural engagement in the first decades of the 21st Century explores arts and cultural participation in an environment increasingly influenced by digital technology.

Produced through a partnership between the Australia Council for the Arts and National Arts Council Singapore, the report provides insights and guidance for the cultural and creative industries as they grapple with the implications of digital transformation.

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Graphic Storytellers at Work

Graphic storytellers make complex ideas easy to understand. Their technical and interpretive skills help to illustrate abstract concepts and transcend language barriers. So, we’ve commissioned Graphic Storytellers at Work: Cross-industry opportunities for cartoonists, illustrators and comics-makers, a new report which explores how the skills of cartoonists, illustrators and comics-makers are being applied. This happens across a diverse range of industries such as health and education.

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Cultivating Creativity: A study of the Sydney Opera House’s Creative Leadership in Learning Program in schools

Restrictions on public gatherings and travel forced many in the arts community to shut their doors and cancel programs and activities. Throughout 2020, the Audience Outlook Monitor tracking study provided the arts and cultural sector with crucial insights to inform planning and decision-making.

Now, as doors are reopening and programming resuming, the Audience Outlook Monitor will continue to provide valuable information with three more phases in 2021. Amid the ongoing disruption of the pandemic, we will continue to track audience sentiments and behaviours as changes occur.

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ARC Linkage: Curating Third Space: The value of art-science collaboration

Curating Third Space: The value of art-science collaboration investigates the importance of art-science in the contemporary research landscape.

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