Paul Mason


Paul Mason has an extensive background in music broadcast management, festival programming and live music presentation. Paul started his career booking bands, programming and playing music. He has programmed many live music venues in Sydney, specialising in jazz and contemporary popular music, as well as curating a number of festivals. Paul has also worked with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, where he established the successful Australian Music Radio Airplay Project and ran the Community Radio Network, the national satellite program service. Before joining the Australia Council in 2009  he worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation managing major projects in the technology and distribution division.

Paul has been a board member of Music Australia (then the Music Council of Australia) where he led research into the impact of local content regulations for radio. He was President of Music NSW and a board member of Sydney radio station FBi 94.5, where he played a key role in the campaign for a permanent licence for the station. A long time ago he played bass in public, and while he still plays double bass he only does it in private.