Travel Fund for Literature

Support for authors and illustrators to travel to attend events and activities associated with publication and promotion of their work overseas.

About the opportunity

Individuals or international literary organisations may apply to support authors and illustrators to travel to attend events or activities associated with publication and promotion of their work overseas. The proposal should include a program of activities designed to engage international readers.

This funding may assist with international air fares and other travel costs associated with participation in literary festivals, book tours or other promotional events.

Contributions of $5,000 per successful applicant are available

Who can apply

  • Published Australian authors and illustrators of literary works.
  • International literary organisations including festivals and publishers.

What you can apply for

  • Travel costs including international air fares and accommodation
  • other costs associated with participation in literary festivals, book tours or other promotional events

What you can’t apply for

  • Travel and other costs to attend academic conferences.

Your application must comply with the following Protocols. We may contact you to request further information during the assessment process, or if successful, as a condition of your funding.

Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts

All applications involving First Nations artists, communities or subject matter must adhere to these Protocols, provide evidence of this in their application and support material. More information on the First Nations Protocols is available here.

Commonwealth Child Safe Framework

All successful applicants are required to comply with all Australian law relating to employing or engaging people who work or volunteer with children, including working with children checks and mandatory reporting. Successful organisations who provide services directly to children, or whose funded activities involve contact with children, will additionally be required to implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Applications will be considered by the Australia Council in consultation with Industry Advisors.

Applications will be assessed against the following assessment criteria:

  1. Quality
  • Quality of the work
  • Significance and range of the activities planned
  1. Viability
  • Timeliness of the opportunity
  • The level of the publisher or international literary organisation’s support, including any financial contribution
  1. Impact
  • Likely impact of the proposed activities on the author or illustrator’s career.

You may submit support material with your application. The Australia Council and Industry Advisors may review this support material to gain a better sense of your project.

The following support material is required:

  • a letter of invitation from the literary organisation
  • a biography of the author or illustrator
  • up to 5 pages of the author or illustrator’s work, preferably from the work/s to be internationally promoted/published.

Our preferred method of receiving support material is via URLs (weblinks).

You can provide up to three URLs that link to content that is relevant to your proposal.

If you cannot supply support material via URLs, you may upload support material to your application as written material (Word and PDF).

Travel Fund FAQs

Applications should be for a suite of activities rather than a single event. Applications which include a program of activities rather than a single event will be more competitive.

Yes. It would also be advisable for the international publisher or organisation to outline their financial contribution or other support.


No. This fund exists to support activities associated with international trade publication.

The purpose of the fund is to enable an author to travel to support the international publication of their work. A strong proposal will have either an international publisher in place, or will clearly demonstrate that the travel will assist in securing one. A proposal may also demonstrate that the activity will increase international attention and demand for writing by unique Australian voices such as works by Australian First Nations writers.