National Performing Arts Partnership Framework Assessment

How were applications to the Partnership Framework assessed?

The assessment process for Partnership Framework applications comprised three components:

Artistic review:
Industry advisors reviewed the artistic merit of applications. They considered the appropriateness of the proposed artistic activity particularly in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. They considered how artistic activity proposed in applications positioned organisations to meet their purpose and artistic vision within the constraints of the current circumstances.

Financial and governance review:
Industry advisor members of the Australia Council’s Multi-Year Funding Finance and Governance Advisory Panel reviewed applications and deliberated on the capacity and governance capability of organisations to deliver on the their COVID-19 Recovery Plan. Key considerations were plans for a return to financial health and sustainability, governance and capacity to adapt operational model in the recovery phase of COVID-19.

Ecology and impact review:
Industry advisors joined officials from the Australia Council and relevant state and territory jurisdictions to review applications from the perspective of their place in the broader arts ecology for a state or territory, nationally or internationally. This included the role organisations play in delivering on Government Priorities and their national and/or state and territory impact. This review also was considered in the context of the recovery phase of COVID-19.

Final recommendation on investment decisions were made by officials of the Australia Council and the relevant state or territory contributing funding partner. These decisions were based on the responses and advice provided by industry advisors in their reviews of the applications. Approval of the investment was made by the respective decision-making authority within each funding agency.

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