About the Digital Strategy

The Digital Culture Strategy sets out a shared vision for a digitally enabled and thriving arts and cultural industry.

The Digital Culture Strategy provides an overarching framework for digital development across the sector. The strategy directly contributes to the implementation of our corporate plan and strategic objectives. It’s priority areas directly support and strengthen our organisation’s strategic vision: Creativity Connects Us.

The Digital Culture Program aims to build a digitally enabled and thriving arts and cultural industry.

The four-year program will include a dedicated First Nations program; digital literacy and development; knowledge sharing and research; a framework for accelerating innovation and investment in digital projects.

There’s so much more to come! We will be announcing new programs, initiatives and opportunities over the next twelve months.

1. What do we mean by ‘digital’

We use the term ‘digital’ broadly. Digital includes both online and other technologies that extend or impact on the creation, presentation and distribution of creative content. Importantly, we refer to digital as a way of doing things and a way of thinking: a digital mindset. We also use the term when referring to the technology that enables these actions.

Digital is constantly evolving. The pace of change is speeding up, as are the expectations of arts consumers, so shifting from fixed and historical mindsets to a flexible, growth mindset and culture is how new opportunities will be identified and realised.

We are advocating for digital to be embedded across all activities; thinking about it separately is no longer relevant. We think of digital as a:

  • Enabler
  • Practice
  • Mindset
  • Platform
  • Industry

2. Who is the Digital Program for

This program is for artists, groups and organisations working in any art form across Australia. It is designed to support the sector in digital capability and capacity building, at a range of levels, from beginner to advanced.

Each program is focused towards a specific audience and has corresponding eligibility guidelines. Please read these guidelines before submitting an application.

3. What is the dedicated First Nations program

This program is developed and delivered with, by and for our First Nations arts and cultural industry. The First Nations Digital Program is currently in development in partnership with the Australia Council First Nations team and advisory panel and sits alongside and within the Digital Culture Strategy.

4. Who is involved

This Strategy has been informed by in-depth research including focused consultation with leading practitioners, technologists and consultants. An internal working team was guided by a Digital Advisory Group to support the development of the strategy.

Digital Advisory Panel:

  • Liam Ridgeway
  • Allison Bennett
  • Mark Cameron
  • Professor Tom Hajdu
  • Lisy Kane
  • Harry Shang Lun Lee
  • Dr Tom Penney
  • Tea Uglow

Digital Producer:

  • Caddie Brain

Pilot Digital Strategists:

  • Little Owl

Digital Designers:

  • Melanie Huang
  • Daniel Reid