Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries and Practice

Join us for an engaging panel discussion about the developing intersection of AI and creative practices.

About the event

This webinar will be facilitated by the ABC’s tech reporter, James Purtill. Joining James will be artist Xanthe Dobbie,  Nyungar technologist and digital rights activist Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker, artist and researcher Dr. Nina Rajcic, and commercial and intellectual property lawyer Benjamin Duff. They will share their insights on the legal implications of AI-generated art, machine and human relationships and how it is transforming artistic expressions in new and unexpected ways.

The panel discussion aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current discourse surrounding the use of AI in the arts and gain a deeper understanding of current engagement with AI within the sector.

Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries and Practice is part of the Australia Council’s Digital Skills Program, which include a series of workshops, seminars and intensives that focus on using digital and emerging technologies to develop creative practice.

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Xanthe Dobbie (2021),Still from EIDOLO Sydney Opera House Shortwave Commission


James Purtill

James is the technology reporter for the ABC’s specialist science team. Since being introduced to GPT-3 a few years ago, he’s written stories charting the emergence of generative AI, from its uses in the arts and graphic design, to internet copywriting and student essay-writing.


Benjamin Duff

Ben is a commercial and intellectual property lawyer at Maddocks with an avid interest in Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the intellectual property landscape. Ben is involved in the provision of legal advice on a range of commercial issues including copyright, trade marks and ICT contracting to a range of Australian Government and private clients.

Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker

Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker is a Nyungar technologist, writer, digital rights activist currently living on Whadjuk Noongar boodjar. She explores the intersection of activism, science-fiction, and technology in imagining radical futures.

Dr Nina Rajcic

Nina Rajcic is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and developer exploring new possibilities of human-machine relationships. Her recent works draw inspiration from the link between language and the self, exploring the role of narrative in the synthesising of meaning and the constructing of identity