Jul 01, 2021

Under the Australia Council Act 2013 and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (‘PGPA Act’) the Board and management of the Australia Council are legally bound to ensure the Council has appropriate systems and processes in place to strengthen and maintain accountability, transparency, due diligence and sound decision-making.

In discharging these responsibilities, the Australia Council must manage risk appropriately and strive to achieve “value for money” when conducting any procurement activities. In doing so Council officials follow the Procurement Guidelines when considering the most suitable approach to a particular procurement activity, evaluating all available options and recording and documenting relevant decisions.


The Australia Council publishes requests for tender and other business opportunities here.


Multi-use listings

A Multi-Use List (MUL) is a list intended for use in more than one procurement, of pre-qualified potential suppliers who have satisfied the conditions for participation for inclusion on the list.

The process of establishing an MUL is not a procurement. It is a procurement activity which pre-qualifies suppliers who may wish to participate in future procurement processes. Inclusion on an MUL does not guarantee a potential supplier that they will be included in any future tender processes. It only provides certainty that potential suppliers have been recognised as meeting the conditions for participation

Current Multi-Use Lists:

There are no current Multi-Use Lists (MUL) available.