Employees Driving Our Purpose, Champion
And Invest In Australian Arts And Creativity

Our employees are passionate about Australian arts and creativity. It’s part of our culture.

A growing number of our employees are supporting the arts by making regular donations directly from their salaries through workplace giving. This program raises important funds to further the careers of emerging First Nations’ artists and arts workers.

The Australia Council is proud to match workplace giving for the 2021 First Nations Emerging Career Development Awards – 2 x $10,000.

Donor honour roll

Thank you for giving to the 2021 Award

  • Joanna Bayndrian
  • Tim Blackwell
  • Michelle Brown
  • Judith Butler
  • Sophie Byrne
  • Adrian Collette AM
  • Christen Cornell
  • Diego Cruz
  • Matt Francis
  • Samantha Groth
  • Darren Kirwood
  • Yvette Menezes
  • Mathew Millay
  • Alice Nash
  • Celia Pavelieff
  • Andy Rantzen

All donors listed above were employees of the Australia Council during the financial year that supported this award.

‘Music and art have always been important to me, so I was happy to donate to workplace giving to help the career of an artist.’
Workplace donor Diego Cruz, Digital Coordinator.

2020 First Nations Emerging Career Development Award

About the 2020 recipients 

Jazz Money is an award-winning poet, filmmaker and educator of Wiradjuri heritage currently based on the beautiful land of the Gundungurra and Darug nations. Her poetry has been published widely, and reimagined as murals, installation and film.  Jazz is the 2020 winner of the David Unaipon Award from the State Library of Queensland, and her first collection of poetry to be published by UQP in 2021.

Justin Grant is a proud Walrpiri / Jawoyn man and a film director. His career in the film industry began over 13 years ago; initially as an actor with a Diploma of Theatre Performing Arts from Victoria University, followed by becoming a skilled writer and progressed into completing a Masters Degree of Film and T.V. at the Victorian College of the Arts – Melb Uni. Justin graduated in 2018 with Honour Marks and won a Special Recognition Award for his graduating film – A Piece of Us; he was also nominated for a Victorian Indigenous Performing Arts Award in 2013 for Dingos Baby.


2019 First Nations Emerging Career Development Award

About the 2019 recipient
The successful recipient is Rhyan Clapham, better known as the acclaimed rapper, musician and composer Dobby. Dobby proudly identifies as a Filipino and Aboriginal musician. His family is from Brewarrina on Ngemba land, and is a member of the Murrawarri Republic in Weilmoringle, NSW. The 2018 release of his self-titled ‘Dobby’ EP was written and produced by him, leading to a highly successful tour which included performances at BIGSOUND, Sydney Opera House, Surry Hills Festival, OzAsia Festival in Adelaide, Australian Music Week and No Place Like Home.

About the award
The Australia Council launched the First Nations Emerging Career Development Award in 2019. These $10,000 awards have been established to help further the career of emerging First Nations artists or arts workers aged between 18-30 years old, living in Australia or overseas. The award is open to all arts disciplines including dance, literature, poetry, visual arts, theatre, community arts and music, and can fund a wide variety of career development opportunities including study, course work and masterclasses.