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We are currently facing an historic opportunity. As 2020 comes to a close, we can rethink, reset and reimagine as we rebuild. We can draw on what we have learnt from 2020’s global disruptions, personal challenges and ongoing crises, and on what has sustained us through them.


As we continue to count the cost of stopping in an economy designed around activity and growth, a different form of value has been highlighted: that of connection. And with it, different measures of the health of our economy and our communities.

Without connection, as the social isolation of a pandemic has shown us, we face pervasive crises of mental health, of loneliness, pressures on families, communities and the economy.

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“The longer the social distancing goes, the more critical the cash flow issue is going to become”

Australian Council for the Arts CEO Adrian Collette has spoken up over the past couple of days about the issues the arts sector is currently facing and will face once restrictions lift.

Australia’s $15 billion arts industry has been smashed apart by the restrictions put in place to tackle coronavirus.

This week has seen another major blow, with major cultural centre in Sydney, Carriageworks, going into voluntary administration as a direct result of the virus.

Tourism has been a major casualty of COVID-19, but the arts have been hit equally hard.

Dozens of events including concerts, comedy festivals, music festivals and theatre performances have been cancelled.

Landmark change to government funding of performing arts in Australia was ushered in at last Friday’s meeting of Arts and Cultural Ministers. The endorsement of the new National Performing Arts Partnership Framework (the new Framework) marks a pivotal point of evolution, significantly updating the funding model of the last 20 years and promising more flexibility, transparency and accountability in our country’s arts funding.

Australia’s principal arts funding and advisory body will roll out a public awareness campaign to  counter attitudes the sector is elitist and pretentious, and combat a decline in public support for arts funding.

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