Reconciliation Action Plan May 2018-May2021


Reconciliation Action Plan

The Australia Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan (May 2018-May 2021) marks a new stage in our vision for a culturally ambitious nation. It is the product of a deep and considered reflection by the Council on how we work, and the contribution that Council might make to the achievement of reconciliation in Australia. The plan sets out our vision and very tangible steps to bring this to life.

The Australia Council thanks and acknowledges our First Nations staff for their guidance, leadership and generosity in steering us through this next step along our reconciliation journey.

The Australia Council Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) May 2018-May 2021 is available for download in PDF and RTF format.

Our vision for reconciliation

The Australia Council’s vision for reconciliation is an Australia that values and cherishes First Nations arts and cultures as central to our cultural ambition as a nation. We aspire to cultural excellence in how we employ, engage and collaborate with First Nations peoples, and an organisational culture that includes, involves, considers and respects First Nations knowledge and perspectives, and embeds principles of self-determination.

Our RAP Goals


Through respectful relationships and dialogue with First Nations peoples, influence the Australian arts and cultural environment to increase and enrich Australians’ experience of First Nations arts and cultures.


Recognise and embed principles of self-determination and First Nations leadership, and build an organisational culture of safety, respect and recognition.


Prioritise First Nations employment, retention, procurement and involvement in decision-making, and become an employer of choice for First Nations peoples


Develop sound RAP governance and reporting systems to support engagement and implementation.