CEF Outcomes
And Guiding Principles

Cultural Engagement Framework Outcomes

Through our Corporate Plan, and the Action Plans across our priority areas, the CEF delivers measurable outcomes across the following areas:

  • Inclusion – People from diverse backgrounds are considered and included in the development of Council’s policies and programs
  • Empowerment – Artists and cultural producers from diverse backgrounds and diversity-led arts organisations are appropriately supported to access the Council’s funding, programs, initiatives and services
  • Access and Equity – The Australia Council’s programs and processes are designed for accessibility and best use by a diverse demographic
  • Artistic Excellence – The Australia Council’s programs recognise diversity as a vital element of artistic excellence and pursue the cultural understanding and rigour to recognise this excellence
  • Leadership – Artists and cultural producers from diverse backgrounds and diversity-led arts organisations are supported as cultural leaders to create, and to empower others to create, great art and audience experiences.

Guiding Principles of the Cultural
Engagement Framework

  • Diversity: respecting and interacting with cultural diversity makes the arts more relevant, dynamic, innovative and reflective of Australia today
  • Dialogue: providing access to cultural resources strengthens the public voice
  • Artistic Excellence: drawing on our diversity of perspectives and practice will continue to lead to artistic work of the highest quality, vibrancy and skill
  • Inclusiveness: exploring each other’s cultures through making art encourages mutual respect and social harmony
  • Belonging: creating distinctive places through arts and cultural activities generates a sense of identity and shared ownership
  • Community building: engaging with art builds and strengthens communities
  • Identity: making art and engaging in cultural activities with diverse groups and communities produces art that is relevant to people’s lives.